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MAJOR PROJECTS: Corporate videos, Multimedia presentations, Dubbing films into Russian


We are all-rounders. Having chosen our Studio, you are welcome to order any kind of presentation or information material for you business contacts. We offer all services expected from an advertising agency and we also actually produce ads.

Why we believe it is convenient to work with us:
- we offer cheap and expedient production of primary material (text, graphics, photos, video footage);
- we offer face-to-face working contact with our directors, producers, designers and editors;
- we offer a single style for all of your companys products with us;
- last but not least, our services come cheaper than similar ones elsewhere.


For corporate videos: conceiving, scripting, casting (narrators included), shooting photos and videos, editing, adding sound, developing digital imagery. We can issue your film as a run of cassettes, DVDs and/or CDs.

For multimedia presentations: conceiving, designing, shooting photos and videos, writing text, recording audios, editing (text + graphics + audio + video), composing the entire presentation, adapting this to being run on your chosen computer type, issuing this as a run of CDs.

For dubbing videos into other languages: professional translation, casting (narrators + actors), producing an entirely new sound track.

For print publishing: conceiving, designing, making up (corporate booklets, leaflets, posters, audio- and videocassette labels, CD and DVD inserts). In making runs, we offer reasonable prices and closely control quality.

Experience from a multitude of accomplished projects enables the Studio to offer you expert advice on what your best solution should be. We hope youll find our services convenient and saving you time, effort and money.


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