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SMALL ORDERS: Shooting videos, Editing, 3D graphics, Soundtracks, Digitizing, Recording CD, Duplication, Poligraphy

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Ad production also involves countless small-scale operations. These may be aimed at creating new video, audio and/or photo material or at editing and/or extending already existing one. The Gella studio performs such orders equally professionally and carefully with major ones. It can give you advice on your optimum options and it undertakes to perform your order very expediently and at a reasonable price.

- shooting photos and videos
- digital combining and editing of video material from all conceivable mediums
- adding or replacing soundtrack
- digitizing video material in any existing format for placing it on CD or DVD
- mastering DVDs
- accomplishing CDs and DVDs and issuing runs of them
- developing 2D and 3D digital imagery at any required sophistication level
- designing corporate booklets, leaflets, posters, videocassette labels, CD and DVD inserts and any other kind of promotional print material; issuing runs of all these.

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