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MAJOR PROJECTS: Corporate videos, Multimedia presentations, Dubbing films into Russian


Corporate video is an excellent vehicle to put your message across to potential clients of your company. You can of course show off your possibilities, produce, technology and production processes by taking potential clients to exhibition halls or factory shops. Its much more convenient, however, to show everything on video. The ubiquity of video cassette players enables you to do this in any office, on either your premises or someone elses. Otherwise, you can have your video digitally formatted on a CD or DVD and played on a computer..

Exhibition videos
These are designed to call attention to your companys exhibition stall. Cassettes and CDs with them can be instrumental gifts, inasmuch as client CEOs prefer examining your boast stuff in their offices rather than inspecting it on the exhibition floor.

Instructional videos
A sophisticated modern product usually comes with a heap of instructional documentation which often poses quite a challenge to anyone trying to master it. An instructional video solves the problem: it offers a much easier way to get grasp of new technology and processes. These days, even a washing vacuum cleaner often comes with an instructional video. More sophisticated technology cries out for such guides.



CD a standard 650-Mb CD can contain up to 90 minutes of high quality MPEG-1 or MPEG-IV format video for playing on computer.
DVD This is for playing your film on home theatre or on computer with DVD drive. It offers something extra: choice of language, subtitles, text, interactivity.
Videocassettes we supply films on them in the Betacam, S-VHS, DVCAM, miniDV and VHS formats.

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