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SMALL ORDERS: Shooting videos, Editing, 3D graphics, Soundtracks, Digitizing, Recording CD, Duplication, Poligraphy

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The Gella studio can reproduce your promotional material in the Betacam, U-matic, DVCAM, DV, S-VHS or VHS format in any required number of copies on CDs or VHS(PAL) videocassettes.

The duration capacity of each cassette in the run equals the duration of your film. Each and every cassette in the run runs the gauntlet of stringent quality checks. In a run of under 500, each comes in a plastic case with a polyethylene label pocket inside. Runs of 500 or more are also available in typographically emblazoned cardboard boxes.

Runs of CDs are available in paper envelopes or in plastic cases. Runs of 500 or more are made at a factory. This allows the offset or silkographic placement of a colour pattern on each disk.


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